The CERG is both a specialized research centre of the EUR-OPA Major Hazards Partial Agreement of Council of Europe and a non-governmental international association (defined on the basis of the French law 1901) with active and corresponding members. 




The CERG objectives are to prepare, conduct and coordinate research activities, training activities, transfer of knowledge activities and expert advices on the prevention of geomorphological and geohydrological hazards and risks, especially landslides, gravitational flows and floods.

The CERG is promoting scientific and technical cooperation among European research and training organisations, as well as overseas.

The CERG is disseminating methodology and techniques through advanced training courses and guidebooks. 




The CERG is recognised as a Specialised Centre of the EUR-OPA Major Hazards Partial Agreement of Council of Europe' on the prevention, protection against major natural and technical disasters and organisation of relief as established under Resolution (87)2, adopted by the Council of Europe in 1987.

The registered office of CERG is located at University of Strasbourg (Faculty of Geography and Territorial Planning, 3 rue de l’Argonne, Strasbourg, France). 

The minutes of the Constituent Meeting for the creation of CERG (5-6 January 1989 in Strasbourg) is available here.





European Centre on Geomorphological Hazards
3 rue de l'Argonne
67083 Strasbourg Cedex France

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