Edited by
Jean-Philippe Malet
Alexandre Remaître
Thom Bogaard

Proceedings of the Conference

This book comprises the Proceedings of the International Conference ‘Landslide Processes’, held in Strasbourg, France, from February 6 to 7, 2009.  A hundred scientists, from Europe and overseas, met in Strasbourg to pay tribute to Prof. Theo van Asch.  The object being to explore and debate the most recent advances on a topic to which Prof. Theo van Asch has made major developments in terms of quantitative analysis over the past 40 years.

The International Conference is devoted to the understanding and the quantification of mass wasting processes and the risks they constitute. Important processes of mass wasting are mass movements such as landslides, debris flows and soil erosion that pose a direct threat to man or affect his livelihood by land degradation. The cross-cutting topics in these processes are the role of slope hydrological system and changes therein in response to shifts in land use and climate. The Conference has explored these issues from a quantitative geomorphological and engineering geological viewpoints: mapping and interpretation of landforms in the light of past mass-wasting processes, field monitoring under present day conditions, and statistical and process-based modelling. The layout of the proceeding book follows that of the symposium and is organised in 4 chapters.

Chapter 1: Landslide mapping and geomorphologic characterization

Chapter 2: Landslide mechanics and mechanisms with focus on hydrological processes

Chapter 3: Landslide modelling - Methods for hazard and risk quantification

Chapter 4: Outlook on landslide understanding -  Learning from 40 years of research